Thank you for visiting AFB website. AFB school is a progressive prayer and marketplace institute with a passion to raise up "kingdompreneurs." AFB focus is to teach people in the body of Christ that prayer is a resource tool that can be developed in your life to the point that it can create an atmosphere that will stimulate entrepreneurship and marketplace ministry.

Schools of Prayer

In the Bible, prayer is the only thing that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to do. They said, "Lord, Teach Us To Pray."  Jesus, in an attempt to convey his passion for prayer, offered up a prayer that we now called the Lord's Prayer. This whole scenario lets us know in the body of Christ that we have to be taught how to pray. Therefore, there is a right way and a wrong way to pray.  As well, prayer is so vast and have many faucets, so we decided to not just offer a course on prayer, but SCHOOLS of Prayer.  If you want your prayer life to soar to immeasurable dimensions, then you might want to enroll in one or more of our Schools of Prayer.  You owe it to yourself to have an informed, vibrant and strong prayer life.

Business Incubation Center

Do you want to start a business in a certain industry and you don't know what to do or who to talk to?  Well, if this is you, then you might want to enroll in one of our master trainers and business consultants' incubation programs to assist you in starting your business.  AFB presently offers training in entrepreneurship. 

Ministerial Incubation Center

In the age where there are so many Bible & Ministerial Schools and Seminaries, there are a plethora of graduates graduating from programs prepared to train, minister and counsel in biblical acumen and principles. However, there is usually a missing element or gap in students being trained in practical ministerial application when it comes to branding and marketing their personal ministries and churches. AFB Ministerial Incubation Center was designed to address this gap and to provide coaching and hands-on practical apprenticeship training to prepare ministers for speaking engagements, personal appearances, radio & TV interviews, traveling globally, social media, etc.  Every minister deserve to be trained with dignity, honor and respect, whereby they are given the tools to be successful not just in their church, but in all aspects of their ministerial calling.