Greetings From The Chancellor

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in one or more of our schools and business centers. We are blessed that you have chosen to visit our website; and perhaps, you will allow us to be your mentor this year to catapult you into your destiny.


Many years ago when I was struggling to find my way in this life called being a Christian, I realize now I could have been farther along if I had an Institute like this when I was needing prayer & marketplace direction. This is why I am thrilled we are able to offer you the kind of schools and programs we are offering, so that God's people truly can rule in the earth by ruling in the marketplace. All of our instructors are authors and many of them are coaches, marketplace & prayer leaders as well as entrepreneurs. 


I can't wait to be your Mentor and Destiny Coach...WE ARE LOOKING FOR OUR OTHER TRIBE MEMBERS!






Dr. Shirley K. Clark


1. How can I entroll in AFB Classes?

Review our class offering and decide on what program you want to enroll in.  Next, select the tution tab and pay for the class.  After we receive the payment in our office, someone from the school will contact you via email or phone to complete your registration process.


2. What type of certificate/license do AFB offers?

We offer Certificate of Completions and Ministerial Licenses.


3. Can I make partial payments for tution payment?

Yes, you can through our flexpay program.


4. How does the flexpay program works?

The flexpay program is designed to help students pay for their tuition over a period of time in increments.  When students enrolled in a class, they have an option to select our flexpay program or pay the full amount with a 10% discount.  If a student wants to take advantage of our flexplay program, then a student is only require to pay $100 down, which is nonrefundable, but transferable, and a credit card will have to be on file for us to charge the remaining balance in three consecutive month of payments of $100, $100 and $99. Someone from our administration office will contact the student to acquire this information.


How long is each school or program?

We are so grateful to have so many wonderful, capable and competent instructors working with our institute.  Because of this, we wanted them to be involved with the institute as much as possible.  So we allow every instructor to set up their own schedule based on their availability.  Therefore, all of the Schools have different starting dates and instruction time. Click here to see the class schedule for this academic year.


When will we graduation?

We are excited that we can offer our students an incredible graduation experience.  Annually, our publishing company, Jabez Books, have a Book & Business Extravaganza Expo where hundreds of authors, writers, coaches and business leaders attend.  During the Reader's Choice Awards, which is the last event of the evening, the graduation will be a Pre-Awards Ceremony event.  

Need a book published?


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